Help Save Midhurst from "life-wrecking" event

This is how international author, Margaret Atwood, describes what is happening in Midhurst.  We couldn't agree more.

Our rural village of 3,500 people in central Ontario needs your help to stand up to corporate greed and influence, which has convinced governments to allow nearly 2,000 acres of the best farmland in Canada to be paved over for 10,000 urban-style homes. That’s about 30,000 new residents!

This plan is allowed to proceed even though …

1. Ontario’s planning and environmental policies are designed specifically to prevent this kind of mega-sprawl
2. Prime farmland (class 1) – only 0.5% of Canada's land mass - is disappearing at an alarming rate, threatening our food security.
3. The treated sewage effluent from the manufactured city will flow into one of the most significant wetlands in the world – a huge carbon sink, tourist mecca, flood mitigator and home to many rare, endangered and threatened species, including one creature found ONLY here in all of Canada – the Hines’ Emerald Dragonfly.

Sadly, government loopholes and hard-core lobbying by the developers are setting all these ‘buts’ aside.

No wonder, then, that up to 7 Olympic-sized pools of  treated effluent (Margaret Atwood prefers the word "poop") will dump into a pristine creek very near to Ontario’s “Costa Rica of the North” –the Minesing Wetlands - and exit ultimately into beautiful Georgian Bay. EVERY DAY!

We need YOUR help!

This fight takes courage and expertise. We have the former in spades! But the legal and environmental expertise required to stop this travesty costs money. Our team of experts tell us WE CAN WIN.

Help David beat Goliath. Please DONATE today!

TOGETHER, we can do this. 


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